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    Several UCLA Doctors have been identified as sexually assaulting patients.

    Sexual Assault and Unnecessary Medical Procedures

    Several doctors at the University of California—Los Angeles (UCLA) have been named in a lawsuit alleging they sexually abused hundreds of female patients at the university health center.

    The news broke in 2020 after a former student filed a criminal and civil complaint against a doctor who treated her in 2000. She said the doctor touched her sexually without her consent and sexually abused her. She also claimed he performed an unnecessarily painful, intrusive medical procedure that further traumatized her physically and emotionally.

    Since then, more than 300 women have added their names to the list of plaintiffs. Majarian Law Group is here for you if you have suffered any kind of abuse from UCLA doctors.

    UCLA’s Response to the Allegations

    The university launched an internal investigation into the claims by these former students. The results confirmed that there were significant problems with all of these doctors, some of whom had worked at the health center since 1974.

    A Special Committee Review by the hospital revealed that hundreds of patients may have been harmed by these physicians. They include Dr. James Heaps and Dr. Edward Wiesmeier, who was also head of UCLA Student Health for more than 25 years.

    In a 2020 statement about its internal investigation, a university spokesperson said there were “deeply troubling incidents” reflecting conduct that was “inexcusable.”

    Doctors Facing Civil and Criminal Liability

    The lawsuit says UCLA knew the doctors were sexually abusing students and did nothing to stop them. The doctors named in the lawsuit are facing criminal and civil charges. These include more than 21 counts of sexual assault.

    The civil lawsuit alleges:

    Sexual assault
    Excessive touching
    Unnecessary, painful procedures
    Sexual battery


    Intentional infliction of emotional distress

    These are often claims in medical malpractice lawsuits, however the plaintiffs are also alleging sexual misconduct.

    Have you been abused by an OB-GYN at UCLA’s Student Health Center?
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