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    Majarian Law Group is a dependable law firm protects the rights and health of those affected by environmental concerns and the growing impact of landfill pollution on residents near Chiquita Canyon landfill and Sunshine Canyon landfill in Los Angeles, California.

    The attorneys at Majarian Law Group understand the critical nature of these issues and are dedicated to ensuring that those affected by landfill pollution find justice.

    Our team of environmental lawyers is prepared to guide you through the legal process, address grievances, and pursue compensation for illnesses and other damages caused by landfill operations. If appropriate, we can also assist you in filing a lawsuit against the landfills and other responsible parties.

    Let the experienced team of attorneys at Majarian Law Group file your lawsuit and protect your health, your family, and your future. Our legal services for impacted communities ensure that the rights of those affected are upheld by the law.

    If you live near the Chiquita Canyon or Sunshine Canyon landfills in Los Angeles, California, you may be exposed to risks that affect your well-being and property, violating your right to live in a healthy environment. Landfills can lead to significant environmental pollution, potentially causing serious health problems and deteriorating living conditions for nearby residents.

    Are you feeling the adverse effects of LA County landfills and landfill pollution?

    Residents in the area and employees working in these landfills have previously complained of headaches, dizzy spells, breathing conditions, and more due to foul odors and contaminated water.

    Are you one of these people living or working in the areas around Chiquita Canyon and other landfills?

    Are you battling health issues due to landfill pollution?

    If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then understanding one’s legal rights and seeking potential recourse may be a wise move.

    The experienced pollution attorneys at Majarian Law Group are your allies in the fight against landfill pollution and its serious health consequences.

    With our unwavering commitment to environmental justice and our understanding of environmental law and environmental regulations, we provide specialized legal services to combat this pressing issue head-on.

    Our landfill contamination lawyers are here to champion the rights of those impacted by Chiquita Canyon and Sunshine Canyon Landfills.

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    Our Landfill Pollution Lawsuit Services

    Thorough investigation and evaluation of pollution claims

    Our attorneys document everything and create a focused and tailored legal strategy. This helps us address the unique aspects of your situation for the strongest possible outcome.

    Gathering evidence and expert testimony

    Our lawyers work alongside experts in the field to collect data from relevant resources and institutions. In addition, medical experts help us understand the solid connection between landfill pollution and health issues.

    Negotiating with landfill operators and their legal teams

    Our deep understanding of state and local landfill laws has helped us pinpoint potential violations that considerably strengthen our cases. This has given us the leverage to negotiate and fight landfill operators and their legal teams.

    Filing lawsuits and representing clients in court

    Landfill pollution and hazardous wastes can impact your health, property, and overall well-being. Thanks to our meticulous documentation and collaboration with experts, we can advocate for health and real-estate concerns when representing our clients.

    Securing settlements and compensation for damages

    Attorneys at Majarian Law Group focus on justice. That includes securing settlements and financial compensation for damages caused by landfill pollution and negligent landfill operations. We assess each client’s case, determine the extent of harm caused, and navigate negotiations with landfill operators and their insurers. We strive to achieve settlements that cover medical expenses, property devaluation, and other related damages.

    Why Choose Majarian Law Group for your Landfill Pollution Lawsuit

    Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable in environmental law and litigation. We bring a rich track record of successful cases, fighting for communities impacted by LA County landfills, and their right to justice.
    Our lawyers have a successful track record of securing compensation for clients—our victories in securing favorable results demonstrate our unwavering commitment to those harmed by pollution. We do this by meticulously documenting all the small details of every case.
    We believe in aggressive representation and are dedicated to protecting your rights as a resident. With our attention to detail and empathetic and personalized support, you can count on us to provide the very best representation possible. We are passionate about getting you what’s rightfully yours, as evidenced by our manner of representation and commitment to service.
    Compassionate approach to client support and communication—Our team of lawyers wants what’s best for you. We are committed to supporting our clients in their journey to seek justice and compensation.

    Landfill Pollution in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is a beautiful, bustling metropolis home to the famous Hollywood sign, sprawling homes, and star-studded streets. However, beneath the glitz and glamor, a growing concern needs the urgent attention of all LA citizens. We’re talking about landfill pollution.

    As one of the most populated cities in the country, Los Angeles generates a staggering amount of waste, much of which ends up in the two major landfills in Los Angeles County—the Chiquita Canyon landfill and Sunshine Canyon landfill.

    But the problem is more than unregulated landfills and their towering mounds of discarded items. These landfills pose a great danger to the well-being of the public and the environment. From noxious gasses to toxic chemicals, the pollutants emanating from these landfills are seeping into the air, soil, and waterways, putting nearby communities at risk of serious health complications.

    Each landfill in Los Angeles has its own history of pollution issues, which continue to affect the health and safety of nearby communities. These landfills also undermine the region’s ecological integrity, disrupt fragile ecosystems, and endanger wildlife habitats. Additionally, the ugly sight of landfills mars the landscape’s natural beauty, tarnishing the city’s reputation as a hub of culture and innovation.

    Majarian Law Group is deeply committed to addressing these issues, utilizing a deep understanding of environmental protection statutes and regulations to advocate for community safety and ecological integrity.

    Common Landfills Causing Pollution in Los Angeles County

    Studies indicate that LA County alone produces over 28 million tons of solid waste each year, mostly all dumped in Sunshine, Chiquita, and Castaic landfills. These LA county landfills have been operational for over 50 years, and the waste is only growing with time.

    Sunshine Canyon landfill, CA

    This landfill is notoriously known for its long history of regulatory issues and pollution incidents, with over 678 complaints and 26 violations issued in the first quarter of 2024. Majarian Law Group work for our clients to provide a voice for those who are most vulnerable to the landfill’s impacts, to expose oversight and fight for appropriate remedial measures.

    Chiquita Canyon landfill

    Chiquita Canyon has recently been in the spotlight after it failed to comply with environmental safety standards. It was reported that smoldering temperatures and leachate were found only about 1,000 feet from the nearest resident. The local community’s involvement has been crucial in highlighting the landfill’s operational deficiencies and Majarian Law Group is seeking justice for affected individuals.

    Castaic landfill

    Issues at Castaic landfill primarily revolve around compliance with state and federal environmental regulations, accounting for nearly 130 legal violations. Communities around the area have become a driving force behind the legal scrutiny. Majarian Law Group are working to ensure that landfill operations do not infringe upon the rights and health of the local population.

    Other problematic landfills

    Besides these major sites, numerous smaller landfills, like Burbank Landfill #3, San Clemente landfill, and Scholl Canyon landfill, play a significant role in exacerbating the region’s pollution and hazardous waste problem. These negligent facilities often escape public notice until major damage occurs. At Majarian Law Group, we take proactive measures to identify and confront these lesser-known threats, broadening our legal efforts to encompass a wider scope of environmental protection.

    Types of Pollutants and Toxins Emitted by Landfills

    By understanding the types of pollutants emitted by LA county landfills, we can better mitigate their impact and protect our communities and ecosystems.

    Airborne Pollutants and Odors

    Landfills are significant sources of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, as well as other harmful compounds that affect air quality and pose health risks. These emissions can lead to severe respiratory problems and other health issues. The team from Majarian Law Group investigate and use environmental assessments to trace the sources and their impact, providing crucial evidence in legal proceedings.

    Groundwater Contamination

    The leachate produced by landfills contains toxic chemicals in abundance. This can infiltrate groundwater supplies, posing significant risks to human health and the environment. Majarian Law Group’s portfolio can include a comprehensive analysis of leachate composition and its pathways into groundwater systems, forming the basis for demanding accountability and remediation.

    Soil Contamination

    Improperly managed landfills can contaminate the soil as heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants are often dumped without proper processing. This can significantly affect the agricultural industry and biodiversity. Majarian Law Group often can use soil analyses to demonstrate the extent of contamination and advocate for necessary cleanup operations.

    Health Risks Associated with Landfill Pollution

    Respiratory Issues

    Residents living near landfills often report higher rates of asthma and other respiratory conditions resulting from airborne pollutants emitted by these landfills. Our lawyers work hard with trustworthy medical professionals and other institutions to collect data on and evaluate pollution levels to strengthen compensation claims.


    The link between prolonged exposure to certain landfill emissions and increased cancer risk is well-documented. Our dedicated team of experienced lawyers strives to support claims related to cancer in residents of affected communities around the Sunshine Canyon landfills and nearby areas.

    Neurological Problem

    Exposure to toxic substances from landfills can also cause neurological disorders, including developmental delays in children. Adults have also reported the sudden onset of migraines and vertigo. Our aggressive approach includes a focus on long-term health outcomes and securing provisions for ongoing medical care.

    Other Health Concerns

    Other potential health effects include skin disorders like eczema, chest pains, gastrointestinal issues, immune system deficiencies, and chronic fatigue. These can severely impact the quality of life of those living near a waste facility. At Majarian Law Group, we are committed to ensuring that all health aspects are considered and that these waste management facilities are held accountable. You can trust us to seek justice and compensation to somewhat make up for what you have suffered.

    Legal Rights of Residents Affected by Landfill Pollution

    If you live near these landfills, you are protected by a comprehensive framework of federal and state regulations. These regulations are designed to manage the environmental impact of these sites and ensure public health:

    Federal and State Environmental Regulations

    Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), landfills must meet stringent design, operation, and closure requirements to protect the environment from contaminants in the waste stream. In addition, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) further elaborates on solid and hazardous waste management. These distinctions can help residents and law firms learn if the facilities near them comply with the U.S. EPA’s Emission Guidelines for landfills.

    Right to a Safe and Healthy Environment

    Residents have the legal basis to claim a right to a safe and healthy environment under federal laws like the Clean Air Act. These laws also include guidelines and standards for waste management and air quality that directly impact landfill operations. California’s environmental regulations often provide stricter safeguards, emphasizing protecting public health and the environment.

    Eligibility for Compensation for Damages

    Residents affected by landfill pollution in Los Angeles may be eligible for compensation for health issues and property devaluation under specific circumstances outlined by the RCRA and state-specific statutes. Compensation eligibility often hinges on demonstrating that landfill operators failed to comply with environmental regulations, directly leading to the damages experienced.

    These regulations and statutes provide a framework for residents to assert their rights and seek justice for damages caused by landfill pollution and operational negligence. EPA’s guidelines on landfill operations and the California Air Resources Board’s regulations clearly state the laws and the criteria under which residents can assert their rights and seek compensation, providing a clearer understanding of the legal landscape surrounding landfill pollution.