Racial Discrimination

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Workplace racial discrimination is real. A Los Angeles racial discrimination attorney can help you navigate the entire legal process.

Racial discrimination has consistently been a part of American workplaces. US federal and state laws prohibit racial discrimination in work programs, job roles advertisements, hiring, interviews, promotions, and wrongful terminations. Racial discrimination is unacceptable, and employment law prohibits a person’s unfair treatment due to their racial identity. Identifying different forms of racial discrimination can be difficult if a person is unsure of what to observe. 

Regarding discrimination in work environments, some unfair terms and conditions may apply to the job position, team role, vacation days, and hiring/firing. These are parts of the employment terms that may be skewed to favor some races over others. If you’re looking for a Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyer who will fight tirelessly on your behalf, contact Majarian Law Group today at (818) 263-7343.

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Below are examples of events that constitute racial discrimination in the workplace:

A company turns down an applicant due to their race or only considers people of a certain race:

Proving this form of racial discrimination will involve an in-depth investigation usually conducted by racial discrimination lawyers.

Racial harassment of any shape or form:

For example, employers failing to reprimand an employee for racist comments or conduct. Tolerance for racial harassment is not something that any person should have to deal with in the workplace.

A company promotes a person who didn’t remotely deserve it

but denies another employee their civil rights because of their race.

Termination due to dating or marrying a person of another race

Pay Raise refusal on account of race rather than performance:

Gauging performance against other employees can help determine whether such denials are justifiable.
Have you encountered any form of discrimination? Whether or not it’s mentioned above, contact a Los Angeles racial discrimination employment lawyer at Majarian Law Group swiftly.

Two Types of Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Racial discrimination comes in two forms:
Disparate treatment
Disparate impact

Disparate treatment is easy to notice as it is traditional discrimination. This happens when a person receives different treatment from other employees due to their race or ethnicity. Typically, you can prove discrimination using direct or indirect evidence.

Disparate impact, on the other hand, can be tough to identify. One example is when certain people don’t receive certain benefits or promotions. In such cases, employment law attorneys often statistically present evidence to identify behavior patterns.
Majarian Law Group is here for you if you feel like you have a racial discrimination case of any kind. Fair employment is a crucial part of your civil rights. You shouldn’t have to deal with the emotional distress that comes with workplace harassment.
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