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California workers have a right to collect all wages, even unpaid wages, if they leave a company. Outstanding overtime earnings becoming an issue with some employers is a classic example of wage theft. Regular late payments from an employer might also be a cause for dispute.

California employment law states that an individual has the right to recover wages that an employer failed to pay. This state’s wage laws also attract a hefty penalty for employers who violate state regulations. If you haven’t been paid your wages or overtime pay and need an LA employment lawyer to help you, contact the Majarian Law Group today at (818) 263-7343.

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Wage Theft, Unpaid Wages, and Overtime Wages

California employment law dedicates itself to protecting both hourly and salaried employees. The state ensures that employees receive their sales commissions, overtime pay, and regular compensation. Bonuses can be a problematic area to dispute, as there can be several caveats connected to bonuses. 

Wage theft is an overarching term for when an employee does not receive the salary for their work.

Below are a few examples of common wage theft tactics:

Relegation to a lower-paying role

  • Employees don’t receive the bonuses promised to them by their employers.
  • Not paying employee tips.
  • Refusal to pay sales commissions.
  • Refusal to pay for off-the-clock work.
  • Time clock editing.
  • The requirement to work during unpaid breaks.
  • Refusal to pay employees minimum wage.
  • Not paying an employee after terminating their contract or a resignation.
  • A full-time employee wrongly classified as an independent contractor.

Wages Paid After Termination

By law, a person that quits or has their contract terminated should receive wages for all hours worked, including commissions, bonuses, and paid breaks. Employers are required by employment law to give an individual their paycheck immediately after they resign, or the company relieves them of their duties. Certain companies can take weeks to do this, with many paying out weeks or months after the former employee should have received their earnings. 

In the case of a person quitting, there are regulations guiding wage payment. Usually, the individual gives at least 72 hours notice requiring the employer to pay them on their final day. 

If a person gives at least 72 hours’ notice of quitting and doesn’t have a contract in place that outlines the quitting process, the employer must also have the final paycheck available on the worker’s last workday. Withholding this payment is against the law. At times, this is a last-ditch effort to get back at an employee for quitting, even though the company should have paid them for their hard work. 

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