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Employment class-action lawsuits are appropriate for a group of people impacted negatively by an employer’s actions. If you believe you and your past/current colleagues need to initiate an employment class action, contact Majarian Law Group today for a free case evaluation.

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What If One Person or a Group Has Issues With Unpaid Wages or Experiences Discrimination?

An individual suit is standard procedure if a company errs in its treatment of an employee. In the event of malpractice on a larger scale in a work environment, affected employees could file a class-action lawsuit as a collective.

Racial discrimination is a common reason for class action suits. Systemic racism and mistreatment in the workplace affect many and can be difficult to prove without records. Note unjustified appointment, termination or unfair wage disparity between employees on similar levels. 

Remember, an isolated act of racism does not warrant a class action, but you may contact us for assistance. Your class action suit gains more leverage if it is a recurring and standard practice from your employer. Questionable hiring practices or wrongful terminations of people of a particular gender, race, or religion may indicate a pattern of discrimination. 

Unpaid overtime or unpaid wages is a common form of malpractice in some organizations. Typically, an unethical employer won’t just target one employee with unpaid overtime or unpaid wages; instead, they target those they assume will not speak out against it or perhaps even notice. A large number of employees potentially affected by unpaid wages or overtime would indicate filing a class action lawsuit for unfair remuneration alongside Majarian Law Group should be the course of action. 

Failure to provide a safe working environment can also affect multiple people. Most employees are aware of industry standards; they can determine if their organizations are adhering to these protocols.  Employers who ignore employees’ requests for workplace safety can face legal action from their staff, according to California law.

That said, there must be an individual assessment of cases involving the withholding of wages and discrimination. Proving a pattern of behavior is essential in all employment law cases. 

Denying an employee their requisite promotion

based on perceptions that ‘new parents’ cannot take on new responsibilities or that maternity leave impacts the employee negatively.

Losing a job due to pregnancy.

Some managers fire pregnant employees because they believe the new baby’s presence may interfere with their job.

Comments or unfair treatment during or when you return from parental leave.

Derogatory and demeaning remarks about how a pregnancy or new birth is impacting a pregnant person’s work may constitute harassment.

Substantially reduced work hours before your maternity leave without a direct request from you.

Some employers may scale back a pregnant person’s hours to slowly phase them out over time.

Lack of reasonable adjustments and policies to accommodate pregnant employees.

These accommodations can include an ergonomic chair, more breaks to get water, modification of duties, temporary job change, a leave of absence, or the ability to work remotely.

Adverse action by an employer

for requesting any of the accommodations mentioned above.

How Many People Have to Be Involved In a Class-Action Lawsuit?

Class actions are incredibly powerful if you have a healthy number of people involved (around 40 or 50). Such lawsuits require approval, unlike single filers against a company. Employment law differs by state and can depend on a company’s geographical location, even if they have remote employees located elsewhere. To this end, most employment class actions end up in the federal court. Unlike state laws, federal laws leave little room for an organization to justify its wrong.

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